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About the AMEB and exams

AMEB stands for Australian Music Examinations board. It has been conducting exams since 1887. AMEB qualifications for both Guitar and Piano are nationally and internationally recognised. Exams starts at Preliminary stage, Grade 1 to Grade 8 and AMusA and LMusA. It can take one or two years of preparation for each grading.


The five main areas of Piano and Guitar exams:

Set Pieces

3 pieces of music must be performed by the student chosen from List A, B and C. For Grade 2 and onward, students must prepare 2 additional pieces and the examiner will ask the student to perform 1 out of 2 additional pieces in the exam.

For Grade 5 to 8, an additional list D is required as well.

Technical Work

Technical Work includes scales and exercises from the AMEB Technical work book. Scales and exercises are essential in music learning, since it allows students to have a better understanding of the structures and forms which construct music.

Sight Reading

Learning to read music notation is exactly like learning a language. Sight reading tests the student ability to read music and play selected pieces in the exam. In general, the examiner will test the student with music that is in average 2 grades lower than the level that the student is sitting exam for.

General Knowledge

General knowledge tests theory and history background of music.Typically this ranges from asking the period and background of the composer to the key signature of a selected piece.

Aural Tests

It tests the student ability to recognise rhythm and memorise short music phrases. It tests the aural perception of the student. 

The Benefits of doing AMEB exams with Alan Tang Music:


Alan Tang and his team will assist each and every student based on individual needs, create step by step achievable goals to prepare students before sitting the exam. Exams provide students with a sense of achievement, progression and build confidence. For more information, please feel free to contact our team.